Routing tricks with badly behaving zwave nodes- only for people that want to learn more

If you have badly behaving nodes that a regular heal does not fix:

  1. are confident in your skills
  2. have a zniffer and know how to us it so you know this is the issue
  3. and a windows pc
  4. your network other than this bad route is good and well configured

You can manually set the routes and return routes

read the silicon labs documents on how zwave routing works then close down openHab and load up

this is just a spare UZB7 with no nodes but you will see all your lovely network.





and it looks like this but with your nodes

now as you have read how routing works over to you as anything I tell you to do is dangerous if you have not read the docs and understood. If you have not read the docs and understood do not try this.

If it all goes wrong restore your backup.

Anything you do not understand in the docs or questions about zniffer share it here and we can share the learning.