RP280 Zigbee repeater does not fully initialize


In order to extend my zigbee network, I have bought a repeater from LoraTap sold under the RP280 reference number.

I was able to discover it just fine with the zigbee binding and it appears to be working alright as devices that had trouble reaching the coordinator now report their status just fine.

However, in the list of Things, it is not showing “online” but rather “ERROR: HANDLER”.
If I display the thing itself, I get these error details:

No supported clusters found

Is this because the repeater has no channels at all? Should I consider it fine despite the error message?

The device should still work find as a repeater - it’s just that the binding doesn’t do anything with the device as it has no user functionality.

Ok, this confirms what I thought.
It would be nicer if there was no error message, especially because searching for this one leads to messages that are related to unsupported devices which got me confused.

I agree - until recently (ie last few weeks) I’d never encountered such devices as they always seemed a bit pointless (most people get a power plug or something similar.

Well, effectively that is correct. The device is unsupported by the binding - but as with any device - once you join it to the network, it will still work within the mesh - even if the binding doesn’t provide any functionality for the device.