RPi 2 B+ keeps crashing regularly

Hey all,

The RPi 2 B+ running, almost exclusively openhab, crashes all the time. I had a very similar issue BEFORE I upgraded to OH2 (that i mostly solved with @Spaceman_Spiff 's help created some scripts that mounted the log folder and some openhab folders in tmps. But now it’s happening with even greater frequency AND, fortunately, giving me some crashdmp files. Here’s the latest: https://pastebin.com/vyrKdxuF

Could anybody shed some light on what this issue might be?

I am on rasppi b+ , and I never had issues similar to the ones you posted. Can you start with openhabian on a fresh sd card? And then try doing fs mounting stuff one at a time.

I sure can, but it’ll take me a while. I think i’m gonna hold out for a little color on the crash dump first, see if there’s any clues. Thanks for the suggestion though.

SIGSEGV is a core dump caused by an attempt to access memory the JVM doesn’t own.

What Java are you running?

What OH are you running?

Has this machine lost power without being shutdown properly?

How old is the SD card? Are you keeping your persistence on this same SD card?

Ultimately this is not something that is supposed to happen with Java programs and usually point to a bug in the JVM, not in the code running on top of the JVM. But since I’ve not seen others reporting segfault error on the forum I am skeptical.

So that leaves there is something perhaps corrupted in your environment that mucked with a few bytes of the JVM binaries or something (hence the SD card questions).

I’d recommend following diyha’s advice and rebuild/restore to a new SD card. If the problem persists then we know there is something about the combination of JRE and bindings you are running that is uncovering a latent bug in the JVM.

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latest Zulu

I don’t remember, I’ll check tonight

Not that I know of

6 months? I am but that’s because I couldn’t get the tmpfs script that used to work for previous OH to work. OH wouldn’t boot up when I enabled the service and rebooted. I changed the folder location to only /var/lib/openhab2

alllllright. thanks for the input guys. Guess I’m starting from scratch…