RPI 2 openhab + embedded music player


I was wondering if i could use my excisting RPI that i now use as a music player (Runeaudio) with hifiberry amp+.

I just started with openhab to connect to my KNX system and run it on my computer as a test case, which is working fine.

Could i use my RPI to load the openhab software and still use the RPI as music player or do i have to buy an extra RPI?

Thanks in advance.



Depends on which version of the Pi you have. If it is a Pi2 or a Pi3 the answer is probably yes. If it is an original generation Pi, the answer is no because OH doesn’t run that well on the original Pi.

OH doesn’t really require that many resources (more RAM than anything else) and plays well with other servers, so long as everything is configured to listen on different ports.

I run OpenHAB on my Pi 2 which also runs my Logitech Media Server / Squeezebox. No probs