RPI 4 now with 8GB Model

I guess this is a bit overkill for Openhab, but at least you have more room for using it for other purposes than openhab. I’m getting one for sure can’t have too many rpis right? :slight_smile:


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I see they are also releasing a 64-bit version of Raspberry Pi OS. I guess that could mean @mstormi might release a 64-bit version of OpenHABian.

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Funbag. Trickle-down doesn’t work in economics, and in software engineering it takes a lot of time.
And I still don’t see any reason what that would be good for. 3G as a process size limit is probably the closest limitation to hit one day, but show me an openHAB installation to require that (on ARM).

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Do people not run other software on an openHABian image? Just curious…

On a 32-bit Raspbian the limitation is that no single process can use more than 4 GB of RAM but you can have multiple processes that combined use more than 4 GB (less really since there is some overhead).

The only real advantage (for now) of the 64-bit version of Raspbian would be that a single process can consume more than 4 GB or RAM. openHAB is no where near needing 4 GB of RAM so a move of openHAB to 64-bit doesn’t really do much. None of the other apps commonly run with openHAB need anything near to 4 GB or RAM individually either.

Because the CPU is still somewhat a limiting factor, about the only advantage the 8 GB version of the RPi 4 has over the 4 GB version, for openHAB, is there is more space to store stuff in ZRAM. The 8 GB RPi 4 really shines in niche use cases where one has one or two processes that consume massive amounts of RAM. It doesn’t do quite so well for running more services simultaneously that each consume more normal amounts of memory because you will run out of CPU cycles before you run out of the 4 GB of RAM, let alone 8 GB.

It buys some time if you have a memory leak. :wink:


Actually the article said the limit is 3gb per process.

No excuses for lazy programming. Leave that to our competition :wink:


There are some third party plugins that require a 64 bit OS. Google Voice interpreter is one I can think of.

Plugins what for ?
You can run 64 bit Raspbian RaspiOS on any aarch64 RPi, i.e. RPi3,4 no matter the amount of memory.

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Finally, 64bit…
64bit is faster, even with 4GB

Since, openhab is written in java, it shouldn’t be a problem to make a 64bit version…

Sounds like a new volunteer😂

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Yep. Please (manually) install openHABian.when you embark there.


They will need a 64-bit openHABian image to do that. :wink:

No they won’t. Use the RaspiOS image as announced by the foundation, then manually install openHABian.

I remember somebody chiding me against doing that… :wink:

what do you mean? I haven’t chided anyone for trying RaspiOS (which refers to the brand new release and must not be confused with Raspbian which refers to older releases - which there’s an openHABian image available with that as the basis)

You have chided me for using its predecessor, Raspbian Lite, basically the same thing!

I assume you also do not like me running openHABian on Debian either as my main system right now.

There’s an openHABian image available, even tested, that is based on that Raspbian Lite version from last year.
There’s no equivalent for that brand new version hence the actually only way to make use of that for the time being is manual install.
And this one’s obviously for the main purpose of testing, not for production.
Oh, and 32 vs. 64 bit, of course.
So barely the same thing, no ?
My “chiding” was because it unnecessarily makes people to follow your advice install Raspbian then openHABian, which is not only more work and time consuming but it’s missing the common starting point and -worse- there’s many likely to ‘poke around’ on it inbetween those two steps, easily leading to problems which are hard to diagnose because many beginners do not or cannot explain what they did there, leading to another need for support - avoidably so.

I’m brand new to OpenHab thus please excuse my ignorance. I purchased the Pi4 8GB assuming that the additional RAM will come in handy. Tried to boot from the OpenHabian image openHABian - i get a number of errors:
recovery4.elf not found
recover.elf not found
start4.elf not compatible
This board requires newer software

Is there a different image i can use?