Rpi can't access

My laptop and Raspberry pi are in the same network but I can’t access with this “ip:8080” from browser or putty.
I have connected the raspberry pi and the laptop to the router by Ethernet cables.

First, check that the IP address of the OH server hasen’t changed especially if you haven’t set a static address or reserved IP address in the router.

Use an HDMI cable and connect the RPI to a monitor with a USB keyboard and see if you can access OH that way to see whats happening.

Check the openHAB service options:

sudo nano /usr/share/openhab2/addons

HTTP Port must be 8080
HTTPS PORT be 8443

OPENHAB_HTTP_ADDRESS= can be change in your Raspi Adress 192.168.13.X.X

If you use Proxy on your PC activate the options:

Dont use the proxy server for local (intranet) addresses

Check at least in raspi with ifconfig if you use the right IP :slight_smile:

The ssh port is 22 by default. Connnect you RPI to a monitor and a keyboard and run ifconfig this will give you your ip on the LAN and WLAN.
Send me the info you get from the command.