Rpi0w install fails

  • Platform information:openhabianpi-raspian-201804031720
    • Hardware: _CPUArchitecture/RAM/storage_raspberry rpi0w
    • OS: _what OS is used and which version_openhabianpi-raspian-201804031720
    • Java Runtime Environment: _which java platform is used and what version_none
    • openHAB version:openhabianpi-raspian-201804031720
  • Issue of the topic: please be detailed explaining your issue, starts installation but fails on wifi connectivity. ssid and password correct, other hardware use the same wifi router with no problems. Installation exits with that error, and does not finish installation of software.
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    Installation will not finish installing. New raspberry pi0w, 16 gb sd card, trying to install openhabian:openhabianpi-raspian-201804031720. Why will the software not install so a person can configure wifi, bluetooth, etc afterwards?

0Not used to format for posting. I have a raspberrypi zero w and installed the openhab version: :openhabianpi-raspian-201804031720 to a 16gb sd card. Went to the .config file as posted, filled in the ssid:netgear27, then filled in the password, saved it and inserted the card into the rpi0w. applied power, the screen showed the installation progress, everything was ok until the wifi config: Setting up wifi connection (ok), ensuring network connectivity, at which it errored out.
“I was not able to connect to the configured wifi.” “Please try again with the correct ssid and password.”
[openhabian] script '/boot/first-boot.sh ’ failed.Started hold until boot process finishes up.
Then the boot login “raspian gnu/linux 9 openhabianpi” openhabian login:"
I entered the login “openhabian”, then password “openhabian”. The screen then changed with the previous error and said “initial setup exiting with an error. The blinking prompt went to the lower right and just sat there blinking slowly. nothing else happened. The ssid and password for my wifi is correct as I use it for 3 different computers and also 3 different phones and have no problems connecting with any of them. The installation of openhab fails every time I try it. Have downloaded it 3 times, reformatted the card each time, with the same results. I use a powered usb hub for the keyboard and mouse, working as expected, powered with 5 volt 4 amp supply, hdmi connected to 27” monitor, don’t understand why installation is aborted and not continue, with possibility of getting wifi working afterwards. Any hints and help would be appreciated.

I don’t use a Pi zero, so I’m just guessing: does your password contain special characters? And did you put it between double quotes like:


BTW, please take some time to format your text for readability (using the icons on top of the reply window), it makes it more likely that people will respond. :grin:

AFAIK openHABian needs a wired connection at least for first install and a Pi0W has none.

Either way, it has just 512MB which is very little to reliably run OH on. Better get a Pi3.

Pi zero is single core, 32bit with 512 ram. You’re really going to struggle with that. Rpi2 is minimum, 3b+ is best.

There were no special characters and I put each between the double quotes. I wasn’t used to the beginning of posting so assumed the info was to be entered after each line. Will do better in the future, thank you for your response.

mstormi, I have a rpi3+, but trying the rpi0w for compact portable applications in the field. Space is a premium for amateur field operations, thus the size of the rpi03 would be a boon. I don’t understand why openhab is not configured to install completely first, then configure the wifi and bluetooth afterwards, would really simplify the process. I have raspian full on one sd card and it installed and ran fine on the rpi0w, no problems with wifi, blue tooth, audio, etc. Was looking for a more compact os for the above reasons, but will have to settle for a full installation from what I see. Thanks for your reply.

I have run OH2.3 on a PiZero without trouble. Slow but works…