RPI3 is out, upgrade?

For Windows10 @ RPi2/3, this is not a normal Windows10 but a platform for services, which you have to implement in Visual Studio. There is not even a real graphical Interface.
Afaik there is no (or no easy) way to install Java or to get openHAB working @ windows10IoT.

Apart from that, RPi3 has a Quadcore 64bit ARMv8 Processor with 1.2GHz, should run nearly 50% faster than RPi2. It has as benefit WLAN and Bluetooth4.1 onboard (by-product of the used hardware I think) so this could be interesting as well. And Raspbian is imho a very suitable environment for services like openHAB.
Maybe the only downside is the lack of SATA or fast USB ports.

I guess the real question is… from what? RPi1, RPi2, something else?

From my understanding based on reading here RPi1 struggles a bit (but still works). Probably a good upgrade. RPi2 seems to handle fine. Maybe if you have another use for the RPi2 then it certainly won’t hurt. Personally, I’m not going out of my way to upgrade from a RPi2 to the RPi3.

I ordered one, so I’ll be testing it out. Not sure if it will go into production, but it will be tested, that’s for sure.

Ok, RPI2 is working fine but sometimes struggles when running mopidy and openhab… So i thought Rpi3 might be a nice upgrade. Especially since I need a new RPI anyway:)

Another device just announced today is the Odroid C2: http://www.hardkernel.com/main/products/prdt_info.php?g_code=G145457216438

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The reliance on SD cards for the raspberry pi has always made me nervous of running OpenHAB on them as I’d assume there would always be lots of read/writes.

I seed the Odroids also have eMMC storage which might be more reliable?

I’m a bit puzzled by the 1GB ram. I’ve ordered the PINE64 where Kai has participated the design (in 2GB version).

I’m work on a step-by-step guide for OpenHab2 installation on raspberry with readonly file system.

u.a. disable swap on raspberry is a turbo boost for java :wink:

This has been my experience, though a friend did have an eMMC go belly up as well.

So maybe I wait a bit before I upgrade and go for the Pine instead:) How many GPIO does that have? Because I am already out of pins on my RPI 2 b+

Every time I read windows10IOT I see Windows IDIOT, is that me or was it intentional?


LOL, that’s great :sweat_smile:

So while I am waiting for the pine to come out I got myself a pi3, the question is now which linux to install. Noobs or Raspian?

Noobs is a platform to decide which OS to use.
For headless Server Raspbian is nice and easy to use.

Does anyone know when apt-get will be available for OpenHab2? I would like to upgrade to openhab now when i get the new pi.

One note, the Pi 3 is a 64 bit ARM, and there are some problems with this architecture around the usage of serial ports. If you are not using any serial/USB devices with OpenHAB, it should be okay. Here is a link for more info:
64 bit ARM serial

hmmm, I am having a usb dongle and arduino due on my rpi currently…

This is only for an implementation of NRJavaSerial that openHAB uses, and only applies to a Pi 3 or other 64 bit ARM boards.

will it be a fix?

anyone successfully running a RPi3 with a RFXCOM USB interface?

I’m about to transfer from a RPi2 ro RPi3 (Jessie) but want to keep a stable running open 1.8.2 environment.