Rr4dj chart testing - control decimals in chart view


I am testing charts with rrd4j. Mostly default settings in the rrd4j config.

I am getting visible graphs, but it is displaying the temp with a lot of decimals, how to get only one decimal?

This my sitemap:

 Text item=rfxcom_temperature_f6d38af1_38656_temperature label="Basseng [%.1f °C]"
Chart item=rfxcom_temperature_f6d38af1_38656_temperature period=D legend=true refresh=300000 
Chart item=rfxcom_temperature_f6d38af1_38656_temperature period=W legend=true refresh=600000 
Chart item=rfxcom_temperature_f6d38af1_38656_temperature period=M legend=true refresh=600000 

Any hints?

Which values do get printed out?
Looking at your sitemap only one digit hould be shonw on the text item. The visible chart by itself should show temp values only at the y-axis, the range of this axis is calculated based on the temperature range of the values. If the temperature range of all values is less then a degree, you will see decimal values there.

Something happened the last minutes, causing it to behave a little bit better, the weekly graph is now shown as my question was asking.

What happened is that your database gets values slowly, the chart for a week doesn’t get a new value every minute! Using the default setup only the chart for the last 8 houres would show and get the minute-wise data.
As posted before the chart axis are calculated to fit, themore values are stored the better the display.

Thank you :slight_smile: