RRD4J Charts doesnt show up in Sitemap


i have problem with rrd4j graphs. I have successfully installed and configured rrd4j but the charts wont be displayed in Sitemap. I can see the chart under: http://localhost:8080/rrdchart.png?items=HotWater_System_Temp1 but my sitemap loads the chart image from: http://localhost:8080/chart?items=HotWater_System_Temp1 - which doesn’t exist. Please, if anyone can help. Thanks.

Please show your sitemap settings for this chart.
Using both links, adopted to my system, gives me a chart.

Here is my Sitemap:

Chart item=HotWater_System_Temp1 refresh=500 period=h


The working link specifies the persistence used, the one that doesn’t work does not specify it.
My guess is you have more then one persistence service in use and either haven’t set a default persistence service or the default persistence doesn’t include the item in question.

I set the default persistence:

And here is the persistence:

Strategies {
everyMinute : “0 * * * * ?”
everyHour : “0 0 * * * ?”

Items {
HotWater_System_Temp1 : strategy = everyHour

I have no idea.

Try it with period before refresh.

Edit: Your strategy is wrong, for RRD4J you need " everyMinute"!
Did the chart shown in the first link show any data?

Also change the refresh rate on the sitemap. You don’t need a chart to refresh every half a second.