RRD4J - file not mapped for I/O


I had this error and can’t figure out how to fix it. Do I have certain file permissions that I need to change in order to allow rrd4j to write to this file?

java.io.IOException: Read failed, file etc/rrd4j/Weight.rrd not mapped for I/O

Thanks in advance

How did you install OH? If you installed by hand the rrd4j files should be somewhere in your install directory. If installed by apt-get they are put in /var/lib/openhab/persistence/rrd4j. etc/rrd4j makes no sense as a path.

I installed it by hand. What should I do to try and fix it? If all else fails I’ll just reinstall OH using apt-get and go from there, If i do install it using apt-get, what version of OH will it be?

Thank you

You should install using apt-get. All of these permission and file location problems are solved for you and we here on the forum are better able to help because we can make assumptions about where things are and what their permissions are.

If you install with apt-get you will get the current full release: 1.8.2.

Also, I was thinking of setting up this similar system on my windows laptop, do you think I would come up with a similar error if I do so(i.e. using manual install)?

Windows only supports manual installs. There is no installer for Windows like there is for Debian based Linux distros, as far as I know.

I guess what I meant was that, if I transfer the files/work that I have set up on my Linux system (with some tweaks on naming structure), will it function just the same (without the errors given above)?

Not knowing the cause of the errors I can’t say one way or the other.

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