Rrd4j not working after upgrade to 3.2

Hello, I just upgraded my installation to v3.2.0 but rrd4j stopped working.
The error log says:

There is no queryable persistence service registered with the id ‘rrd4j’
I tried to wipe my system and start again from scratch from a clean state but it didn’t work.
I noticed that /var/lib/openhab3/persistence filder (and rrd4j folder inside of it) did not get created. I tried to create them manually with mkdir and assigning ownership to user openhab3 but it still is not working. Same error.
I am running openhab3.2 in a rockpro64 sbc. SO is an updated manjaro.
The very same configuration used to work in 3.1 and also in 3.1.1.
Can you please help me? Thanks!

For other distributions ( than manjaro ) the ownership is openhab:openhab and the directory is /var/lib/openhab/persistence instead of openhab3.
So this distribution of the OH package seem to have some differences compared to other ones …
Could it be that the persistence service is not enabled in that distribution ?

Does that message pop up during startup only or all the time ? In older postings it was stated that this happened during startup only.

This is because Arch Linux (upstream of Manjaro) made the decision to support older 2.x versions which use the common openhab user and paths. For OH3 they opted to use openhab3 user and paths. So this is kind of expected.

I don’t think so. It used to work before 3.2.0. However I’d be happy to check this. I guess I’ll have to connect to the karaf console?

It happens all the time. Graph don’t work because of this.

Any idea?

I had to add rrd4j in runtime.cfg:

persistence = rrd4j

This was not required in OH3.1 as it was enabled by default, am I right?