[rrd4j / OH3] Questions about the updated version of rrd4j

I took a look into the rrd4j persistence for OH3.

Initially I want to thank for the update of this (and all other) persistence services in order to be useable on OH3!

  • I could not find an update of the documentation reflecting the changes, did I miss it or should I start working on it? In order to do the later I need the following clarifications.

  • I noticed that rrd4j does persis a value now INTERNALLY every ten seconds, IMHO this would make the requirement for the everyMinute strategy obsolete (tested with every2Minues, however only in archive 1 of a default database [which?]). IMHO this internal behaviour creates a better charting resolution, the used persistence strategy is working as expected (i.e. with an everyMinute strategy a NEW value is persisted only once every minute, the intermediate internall savings are using unchanged values).

  • There are three different default database setups created (numeric, quantifiable and other), how are they selectable? How to determine which is actually used?

It seems thatI was a bit early with my questions, after reading the announcement about the OH3.0 milestone I found the OH3 Documentation, especially the pages for the addons. Trying to edit on Gethub from the [new rrd4j readme site] (https://next.openhab.org/addons/persistence/rrd4j/) results in a 404, which is the correct tree (I’d say main)?

Will start working on it, a hint on my other questions is appreciated.

After more testing, it looks to me as if using a custom database setup rrd4j is storing INTERNALLY a copy of the actual persisted state every 5 seconds (looks like the Default_Other database to me) .

Files an issue for that.

Managed to get rrd4j running in IDE Eclipse, however in there the DemoItems do get persisted in rrd4j using NOT the default_other datasource (either Default_numeric or default_quantifiable). A service folder was not existing, a manually created folder with a rrd4j.cfg was not read. No clou were to find a log about what is going on.