RRD4J on synology NAS

Hello, I’m new to OpenHab and trying to get rrd4j persistence running on openHAB on my NAS.
I suppose that I have to install an addon to do so. However when looking into addons there are only headings Bindings, Misc and Voice. and no persistence.
Where to find rrd4j.

RRD4J should be installed and also have a default configuration in OpenHAB v3

The version I use is 2.5 latest one for synology NAS.

Have you got Simple Mode set? (selected at install)
That hides some stuff, and in any case becomes a nuisance once you progress beyond “hello world”. Off with it!

Ok, thank you I will reinstall Openhab and see what happens and come back about it.

I did a reinstall (standard config) and now Iit looks better.

Persistence is there.
OK thank you very much