rrd4j persistence not working for me in 1.8.2

Hi all,

Can’t seem to get persistance, rrd4j, working on rasbian (running on a pi 1).
I’ve had a successful installation working in the past, can’t seem to get this one running. I have a feeling the issue is related to permissions , but i’ve tried a number of tests without success.

it’s an apt-get install. I can’t see errors on debug startup, and no rrd files being generated in /etc/openhab/jettc/etc/rrd4j/

The error when viewing a page with chart is:
Illegal argument is chart: ()
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid RRD start time specified: -6823637983073259924

my rrd4j.persist file is
Strategies {
everyMinute:"0 * * * * ?"
everyHour : "0 0 * * * ?"
everyDay : “0 0 0 * * ?”

// if no strategy is specified for an item entry below, the default list will be used
default = everyMinute, restoreOnStartup 


Items {
//* : strategy = everyChange, restoreOnStartup
//gUPS*,gINET*: strategy = everyMinute, restoreOnStartup
Weather_Chart*, gSatC1*: strategy = everyMinute, restoreOnStartup

My default.items file is:
Group All
Group Weather “” (All)
Group Status (All)
Group gINET (All)
Group gUPS (All)
Group gSatC1 (All)
Group gSatD1 (All)
Group gSatD2 (All)
Group gSatIS18 (All)

Group Weather_Chart (All)

String Weather_Site “Site [%s]” (Weather)
Number Weather_Temperature “Temperature [%.1f °C]” (Weather_Chart)
Number Weather_Humidity “Relative Humidity [%.1f %%]” (Weather)
Number Weather_Rain “Rain [%.1f mm]” (Weather,Weather_Chart)
String Weather_windDirection “Wind Direction [%s]” (Weather)
Number Weather_windSpeed “Wind Speed [%d km/h]” (Weather,Weather_Chart)
Number Weather_Chart_Period "Chart Period"
DateTime Weather_LastUpdate “Last Update [%1$ta %1$tR]”
String Weather_lastUpdate “Last update [%s]”

Number Weather_ForecastMin “Min Temperature [%d °C]” (Weather)
Number Weather_ForecastMax “Max Temperature [%d °C]” (Weather)
String Weather_ForecastShort “Tomorrow [%s]” (Weather)
String Weather_Forecast “Forecast [%s °C]” (Weather)

DateTime Date “Date [%1$tA, %1$td.%1$tm.%1$tY]” { ntp=“Europe/Berlin:de_DE” }
Location DemoLocation “Flinders Street Station Melbourne”

String Ups_Battery_Voltage_s “Battery Voltage str [%s]” { networkupstools=“ups1:battery.voltage” }
Number Ups_Battery_Voltage “Battery voltage [%.1f V]” (gUPS)
String Ups_Model “Model [%s]” { networkupstools=“ups1:device.model” }
Number Ups_Input_Voltage “Input voltage [%.1f V]” (gUPS) { networkupstools=“ups1:input.voltage” }
Number Ups_Output_Voltage “Output voltage [%.1f V]” (gUPS) { networkupstools=“ups1:output.voltage” }
String Ups_Output_Current “Output current [%s A]” (gUPS) { networkupstools=“ups1:output.current” }
String Ups_Status “Status [MAP(ups.status):%s]” { networkupstools=“ups1:ups.status” }
Number Ups_Load “Load [%d %%]” (gUPS) { networkupstools=“ups1:ups.load” }
String FW_Name “Device [%s]” { snmp="<[x.x.x.x:private:.]" }
String FW_Uptime “Uptime [%s]” { snmp="<[x.x.x.x:private:.]" }

Number FW_WAN_OctIn “Octets In [%d]” { snmp="<[x.x.x.x:private:.]" }
Number FW_WAN_OctOut “Octets Out [%d]” { snmp="<[x.x.x.x:private:.]" }
Number FW_WAN_MbitsIn “WAN Download [%.1f Mbit/s]” (gINET)
Number FW_WAN_MbitsOut “WAN Upload [%.1f Mbit/s]” (gINET)
DateTime INET_LastUpdate "Last Update [%1$ta %1$tR]"
String INET_SUMMARY "Optus cable [%s]"
Number INET_PING “Ping [%.1f ms]” (gINET)
Number INET_DOWN “Download speed [%.1f Mbit/s]” (gINET)
Number INET_UP “Upload speed[%.1f Mbit/s]” (gINET)
String INET_IP "External IP Address [%s]"
Switch INET_TestNow “Manually start speedtest” { exec=“ON:/scripts/speedtest.sh”, autoupdate=“false” }
Switch item
Switch Network_1 “.1 xxx Router” {nh=“x.x.x.x” }
Switch Network_2 “.2 xx xxxx” {nh=“x.x.x.x” }
Switch Network_3 “.3 xxxx xx” {nh=“x.x.x.x” }
Switch Network_10 “.10 xx xxxxx” {nh=“x.x.x.x” }
Switch Network_12 “.12 Raspberry Pi” {nh=“x.x.x.x” }
Switch Network_102 “.102 xx xxxxx” {nh=“x.x.x.x” }
Switch Network_252 “.252 xx xxxx” {nh=“xx.xx.xx.xx” }

Any pointers would be appreciated!


After a week of struggling, it took a post for me to have a eureka moment…
The rrd4j files for my installation are at /var/lib/openhab/persistence/rrd4j/ not where I previously thought they were. I’ve deleted the rrd files and the graphs have started working. Will reply to this thread if there’s further issues.