Rrd4j Persistence Not Working Properly

Hello All,

I have a problem with the rrd4j.
I have it installed and configured for everyMinute, and i can see all data being added every minute.

The problem is when i use in the rules the following line:
(!danfos1_setpoint.changedSince(now.minusMinutes(15), "rrd4j"))

It always tend to be “false” although i know for sure the setpoint was not changed even by looking into the rrd files!

Any idea what could be the problem here?
It is working normally with sqlite, and for the info, rrd4j is not the default persistence used, and i’m using OH2.

What type of Item is that? RRD4J is persisting numbers only!

this is the setpoint for the thermostat.

It is a Number Item and i can query the rrd file and see that it clearly exists and being updated every minute, but for some reason the rule always tend to produce “false” and no errors on the log.

Sorry for that question, but it sounded as if the False was coming from the DB.
I have read about some problems concerning RRD4J and the usage of historicStates. I can’t say if there is a running issue on that. In most cases the combo of InfluxDB and for graphing Grafana gets suggested instead of working on RRD4J.

hmmm, will try out the influxDB then since even sqlite produce false “True” :slight_smile:
It is a mess, i put this as a condition for changing the setpoint to avoid changing it frequently, but with sqllite it always provides true! even in two minutes query, and rrd4j always provide false :slight_smile: