Rrd4j sporadically stops storing data

Dear all

Already the second time rrd4j suddently stops recording data (first time was 31.12.2017 at 24:00:00, second time was 25.03.2018 at 03:00), only after a reboot of the system rrd4j starts to store data again as expected.

In my config file corn setting is to store data every minute.

Does anybody has hint, why this happens? I have read once that minimum store Intervall with rrd4j is a minute and that Quarz timer on the raspberry has sometimes a strange behavior interfering with rrd4j !?

Any hint would be highly appreciated

Best regards

I guess you are on OH2.2 stable. The issue you observed (The stopping of persistencd at the change to DST) is reported to be solved on the actual snapshot of OH2.3.

Dear Jürgen

Now I understand the timestamp 25.03.2018 03:00 … change to summer time, similar issue I guess as the 31.12.2017 24:00… and yes í‘m on the stable 2.2 (at least I guess so, since I just updated the system recently in the ophabian config environment). The 31.12.2017 24:00 issue was on an older oh2 version, however… so i guess also the change in year will also be resolved soon…?

Thanks a lot for the hint

Best regards