RS485-Bus-Gateway FGW14-USB and Raspberry pi

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my home ist fitted with many eltako enocean actors on 3 floors. I want to install openhab 2.0 on my rasberry pi and I don’t want to use an enocean modul with antenna on my pi. I want to connect the openhab pi via USB with the eltako RS485-Bus-Gateway FGW14-USB. Could someone tell me if this works and the telegrams can be send and received via pi and eltako usb Gateway ?

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Dear all, is this maybe the answer to my question ?

Correct me if I am wrong, It´s a RS485 Gateway, so if openhab has a RS485 binding it should work ?!


linked SimpleBinary binding supports RS485 but it uses own protocol. So device must implemented this protocol to work. I dont know but probably eltako uses its own protocol so you need to find binding with this protocol support. Or you can try to use Serial binding and parse data itself

@Frank986: did you get any further with the RS485 and ELTAKO devices?

Rs485 is just a form a serial and as pointed out you can use the serial binding HOWEVeR serial data can be in any number of software protocols and unless there is a binding for that language you will need to parse the data at a packet level yourself.

Example is modbus is using rs485 and there is a modbus binding. If it is a propriety protocol using rs485 then there may be no binding and you have to do it the hard way with the serial binding.