RSS Feed for openHAB blog

I saw the post about engaging more people and turn them into community members. I wonder that the blog is not consumable via rss and not frequently updated. To spread the word this could be one step towards a greater community, right?

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There must be an rss feed on the blog, I’ve subscribed to it in Feedly. Though I did subscribe to it through Feedly. Maybe the URL needs to be more prominent?

I do not know who controls the content of the blog. Most of the posts seen to be written by Kai, but I think the blog is yelled by the Foundation. Maybe we can get some volunteers to write content for the blog. If be willing to write posts periodically, though I can’t be the only one.

Great idea Rich!!! The blog post seem few and more frequent entries would be another way to spread the word.

I just checked via feedly, there is one RSS for the foundation and one for the community. In addition there seems something on Youtube.

At least I expect to see announcements about the releases in the blog, may be a seperate channel for new or updated add-ons. Should suffice for letting the world know openhab is making progress and encourage to try it or update.

I also think adding an rss feed to the OpenHAB blog would be very helpful.