RSS Feed for openHAB blog

I saw the post about engaging more people and turn them into community members. I wonder that the blog is not consumable via rss and not frequently updated. To spread the word this could be one step towards a greater community, right?

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There must be an rss feed on the blog, I’ve subscribed to it in Feedly. Though I did subscribe to it through Feedly. Maybe the URL needs to be more prominent?

I do not know who controls the content of the blog. Most of the posts seen to be written by Kai, but I think the blog is yelled by the Foundation. Maybe we can get some volunteers to write content for the blog. If be willing to write posts periodically, though I can’t be the only one.

Great idea Rich!!! The blog post seem few and more frequent entries would be another way to spread the word.

I just checked via feedly, there is one RSS for the foundation and one for the community. In addition there seems something on Youtube.

At least I expect to see announcements about the releases in the blog, may be a seperate channel for new or updated add-ons. Should suffice for letting the world know openhab is making progress and encourage to try it or update.

I also think adding an rss feed to the OpenHAB blog would be very helpful.

just for the sake of making the url easier to find, here is the one for the anouncements

Thanks for pushing this topic.
I just checked this on github and we have also an open issue for a feed.

At the time of issue creation it was not possible to add feeds to our website system, due to version incompatibilities.

This should now be possible.
I will give it a try this (or next) week and then also add a feed overview to the homepage.
So we can collect feeds from website/comnuity and other source when they are from interest like for the announcements and releases.

I did a quick test

Which produces openHAB (This is a preview website for my work in progress contents.)
It looks good/functional so far.

I will check and adapt the config, so that we will have some more useful contents and probably a little excerpt in the rss file.
Maybe we have to adapt the existing blog entries too with some metadata, but in general this looks like a more or less quick solution. :slight_smile:

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So, and are available now for the blog entries.

I am collecting suggestions for a feed overview which includes those three and some useful community ones.
Every suggestion is appreciated. :slight_smile:


Nice. Thanks for adding it.

I propose openHAB stable release build as addition to your collection:

If someone is interested in milestone builds the following feed would be the right choice:

There is a feed for nightly builds too. Do not hesitate to ask if you are interested.

Other feed suggestions - more or less for developers:

  • openHABian
  • Docker
  • Linux package


Do not forget to mention the feed binding and one can setup alerts when there are updates.

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There are also feeds for errors. (Maybe interesting for Developers.)
I am monitoring the Doc builds this way.