RTFM for temperature sensor setup

I have a bunch of MQTT climate sensors that are read by the Mosquitto and made available to Openhab 3.4. I have tried to find a description on how to configure the sensors in the model so that the temperature becomes visible in the location cards header. I get it to work, but only for some sensors.

Is there a manual section that explains how this is done? I have not been able to find that yet. I also would like to have the temperature trend line on the card. Where is The Fine Manual so I can Read it?


There really shouldn’t be anything special to make this work. The Number:Temerature Items need to be tagged with “Measurement” for the point and “Temperature” for the property. These Items need to be a member of a Location or a member of an Equipment that is a member of a Location.

That’s all that’s needed.

For the trend line, by default, the trend line appears on stand alone widgets for Number Items. On the Properties tab of the overview page there is also an “Analyze All” button at the bottom of a given card.

I’m unaware of a way to make the trend line appear in a list item widget (i.e. those widgets shown on the Locations and Equipment tabs of the overview page.

As for manual, It doesn’t really address your first question directly because it mostly just happens. But the relevant docs include:

A Deep Dive into the Semantic Model provides some more detail on how the semantic model works.

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