RTS based roller/shutter to open&close 0-100% like io homecontrol

Hi Community, I am new here so please forgive me:

Is there anyway to to open & close an RTS based shutter/roller like IO homecontrol from 0 - 100% in individual steps? Today I can only have 3 positions: open, close and my favorite.
Any chance to program a workaround that matches on time? Like 50% off means it means: send start command, wait 10 seconds = 50% then send stop command? Because full close takes 20 seconds…

Any ideas? Thanks, Marco

If your roller shutter thing is not accepting any decimal value but only up, down and stop, than maybe use a rule, calculate the time you need, eg 50% *20sec =10sec and start a timer that will send a stop command afterwards.

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