Rule change has an stop of openHAB UI and logs as consequence

Dear openHAB community,
at present I have to realize that openHAB stops to update the UI`s and the KARAF-console if I do changes on rules.
Means if I do a change in the rules ( Regardless by VisualStudio or another editor ) and save the changes in the directory openHAB runs a couple of seconds and then gets “frozen”, no update and function of the UI anymore, Logs in Karaf do not get an update anymore.
Running Logs do stop.

Karaf themselves is in operation and gives response, but no update of Items anymore.

After a reboot of the host openHAB runs like a charm including the made changes again. ( Just after reboot. systemctl start/stop/restart does not allow openHAB to run again with the changed rules.)

Configuration is in a manner that I do edit the files by VisualCode on another computer than openHAB runs, the openHAB-rule directory is linked by Samba and/or afp.

Target is to change rules and to see the effects immediately. ( E.g. an add of an logInfo ).

It worked a while perfect, but now the told effect is a fact.

Has anybody a good idea what may be the root cause ?

Thanks in advance fro your support.

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short answer: Stop editing files in-place.