Rule doesn't work

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(Christoph Nagel) #21

Hello @mhilbush,

I did as you recommended!


(Christoph Nagel) #22

@chris Hi Chris, I still observe this spontaneous switching back of the new thermostat’s setpoint value to the previous value. Do you have any idea? Is this a problem with the wake up interval of the thermostats, which is set to 300 seconds? As @psixilambda mentioned in the other thread (LC-13 Living Connect Z Thermostats) the new setpoint occurs at the thermostat’s display immediately after waking it up manually. So, my idea is that the new setpoint value might not be preserved by the bus long enough until the thermostat wakes up automatically after 300 seconds.
Regards, Christoph

(Chris Jackson) #23

The binding will queue the request until the device wakes up - no matter how long this takes. Most battery devices in ZWave wake up after 1 hour, or 1 day, so 5 minutes isn’t an issue. In any case, there is simply no time relationship in the queue - it is queued until it is sent.

It shouldn’t be an issue - this is how these devices are intended to operate.

Without seeing a debug log it’s just speculation as to what the possible issue is. I’d recommend putting the binding into debug mode, getting the log, then viewing it with the online viewer to see what is happening.

(Christoph Nagel) #24

How can I do this? Is there a tutorial for this?

(Chris Jackson) #25

You can use the log:set debug org.openhab.binding.zwave command…