Rule engine not yet started

My System was running some days with some rules without technical problems. Yesterday wall power outlet dropped. Startup of my openHAB 3.1.0.M3 seemed to be OK, but the rules I have made did not work as designed. Looking into the log I see : Rule engine not yet started - not executing rule…
None of my rules perform any action.

Is it possible to start the Rule engine manually or else ?


I could not find a solution for this problem…
So I did a DOWNGRADE “sudo apt-get install openhab=3.1.0~M2-1”, without a real success too. (all bindings were lost, or could not be loaded)
Afterwards I did an upgrade again “sudo apt-get install openhab=3.1.0~M3-1”.
This was successful, up to now it seems to me, that the system running again, rules are working and persistance is up again also, which wasn’t before.

Your troubles there are probably related to the remote repository changes.

I couldn’t say if that has any bearing on rules, if you were unlucky.

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