Rule for reading TFA WeatherHub / Mobile Alerts values

Hi community!
I have created a rule to read the values from my TFA WeatherHub sensors into openHAB3.

This rule is run every 7 minutes and executes the script below. The values are only updated every 7 minutes by the TFA WeatherHub.

This script needs to be adapted with:

  • your “Phone ID” from the WeatherHub App
  • the openHAB item names of your manually created items to store the values
  • the sensor names of your connected sensors (which you can manually edit in the app)

For me, this code worked stable up to now, but I am happy to get improvements from you.

I would recommend to test the regex results as indicated in the code.
You do not need to install a binding for this.

Greetings, Karsten


var logger = Java.type('org.slf4j.LoggerFactory').getLogger('org.openhab.rule.WeatherHub');
var client =;

// Enter uri with your phoneid, can be found in the settings of the TFA WeatherHub App
var uri = "";

// get data from mobile-alerts
var request =
  .header("Content-Type", "text/html")
var htmlResponseBody = client.send(request,;

// function to extract and format data
this.getMeasurement = function(regExPattern, itemName) 
  var regEx1 = new RegExp(regExPattern, 'm');
  var regRes = regEx1.exec(htmlResponseBody);
  var measurement = null;
  if((regRes != null) && (regRes[1] != null)) 
    measurement = regRes[1]
    // Remove units
    measurement = measurement.replace(" C", "").replace("%", "").replace(",", ".")
  // replace unavailable values with null
  if(measurement == "---") {measurement = null}
  // Log and save measurements"Measurement for item \"" + itemName + "\" is: " + measurement);
  if (measurement != null) 
    // normal values sent as command
    events.sendCommand(itemName, measurement);
    // null values cannot be commands
    events.postUpdate(itemName, NULL);

// Names must be adapted to your sensor names and language
// regex Expressions can be tested at
// typical regular expression syntyx is: "Location[\\s\\S]Sensorname[\\s\\S]*?<h4>(.+)<\/h4>"

this.getMeasurement("ZuHause[\\s\\S]*?Temp In[\\s\\S]*?<h4>(.+)<\/h4>", "itTemperaturBad");
this.getMeasurement("ZuHause[\\s\\S]*?Temp 1[\\s\\S]*?<h4>(.+)<\/h4>", "itWeatherHubTemp1");
this.getMeasurement("ZuHause[\\s\\S]*?Temp 2[\\s\\S]*?<h4>(.+)<\/h4>", "itWeatherHubTemp2");
this.getMeasurement("ZuHause[\\s\\S]*?Temp 3[\\s\\S]*?<h4>(.+)<\/h4>", "itWeatherHubTemp3");
this.getMeasurement("ZuHause[\\s\\S]*?Hum In[\\s\\S]*?<h4>(.+)<\/h4>", "itHumidityBad");
this.getMeasurement("ZuHause[\\s\\S]*?Hum 1[\\s\\S]*?<h4>(.+)<\/h4>", "itWeatherHubHum1");
this.getMeasurement("ZuHause[\\s\\S]*?Hum 2[\\s\\S]*?<h4>(.+)<\/h4>", "itWeatherHubHum2");
this.getMeasurement("ZuHause[\\s\\S]*?Hum 3[\\s\\S]*?<h4>(.+)<\/h4>", "itWeatherHubHum3");
this.getMeasurement("ZuHause[\\s\\S]*?Zeitpunkt[\\s\\S]*?<h4>(.+)<\/h4>", "itWeatherHubTime1");
this.getMeasurement("MitWassersensor[\\s\\S]*?Zeitpunkt[\\s\\S]*?<h4>(.+)<\/h4>", "itWeatherHubTime2");
//this.getMeasurement("MitWassersensor[\\s\\S]*?Temperatur[\\s\\S]*?<h4>(.+)<\/h4>", "itWeatherHubTempS1");
//this.getMeasurement("MitWassersensor[\\s\\S]*?Luftfeuchte[\\s\\S]*?<h4>(.+)<\/h4>", "itWeatherHubHumS1");
this.getMeasurement("MitWassersensor[\\s\\S]*?Wassersensor[\\s\\S]*?<h4>(.+)<\/h4>", "itWeatherHubWassersensor");