Rule ignores my if - I assume this is a stupid question

Pi4b, OH 2.5.12
I do have a rule in use and the problem that it ignores me :slight_smile: (is it my wife?)
OK serious, I do use two ifs and I thought the first if will overrule the following ifs, but it doesn´t!
“Night” is a dummy switch and gets the value by the astro binding.
So currently “Night” is “OFF” (I checked) but the LEDs get switched - Why?
Do I have a misunderstanding here?

if(Night != OFF) {
                if(LED1.state != ON) {
                LED1_Timer = createTimer(now.plusSeconds(240), [|
                if(LED2.state != ON) {
                LED2_Timer = createTimer(now.plusSeconds(240), [|


if(Night.state != OFF) {

I tried and it works!

Oh No - as I said this is a stupid question :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot