Rule is not executed but switches are working

Hi all,

I am trying to get my Hue lights working with my KNX wall switches. I’ve red al lot of examples and use some examples from people who have it allready working. But no succes for me…

What i see is that when I push my KNX wall switch, the switch “Lampje_Tijn” is switching ON and OFF in my PaperUI and also see the same in Karaf console.

When I manually switch the Switch “Hue_Lampje_Tijn” in the PaperUI, the Hue light is switching ON and OFF.

It Seems that the Rule is not detecting the switching light or is not able to switch the Hue light.

Anybody can tell what is wrong in here?

Below a part of the KNX.things file:

	Thing device hue "hue" [pingInterval=0]
  Type switch-control: lampjeTijn      [ga="0/0/21+<0/4/20"]
  Type switch-control: eettafelLampen  [ga="0/0/9+<0/1/8"]

Part of the KNX.items:

Switch Lampje_Tijn			["Lighting"] { channel="knx:device:bridge:hue:lampjeTijn"}
Switch Hue_Lampje_Tijn		["Lighting"] { channel="hue:group:xxxx:2:switch"}
Switch Eettafel_Lampen		["Lighting"] { channel="knx:device:bridge:hue:eettafelLampen"}
Switch Hue_Eettafel			["Lighting"] { channel="hue:group:xxx:1:switch"}

and below my KNX.rules:

rule "Switch hue Lampje Tijn"
  Item Lampje_Tijn received command
  if (receivedCommand == ON) {

rule "Switch hue Eettafel"  
  Item Eettafel_Lampen received command
   if (receivedCommand == ON) {
  else {


Lampje_Tijn is switching ON and OFF because its state has been changed by the KNX binding when you physically press your switch.

But your rule currently expects Lampje_Tijn to receive a command, which it doesn’t if only its state is updated.

Try changing your rule trigger to:

Item Lampje_Tijn changed

and you will then have to check the state of Lampje_Tijn within the rule, instead of using receivedCommand because, well, no command is received!

Many thanks for your reply.

This solved my problem. It is working now.
Now I can continue to try get the dimmer functions working.