Rule is updating Item state, but not the actual state [SOLVED}

I have an item:

Switch Spotlight "Spot is [%s]" <spotlight> (gGFl,gCP, Lights) {mqtt="<[mosquitto:home/outside/spot:state:default],>[mosquitto:home/outside/spot:command:*:default]"}

that I change the state of in a rule with the commands:

The rule works well, whenever triggered (it is bound to day and night) I see the state of the item change.
However… I see no MQTT ON/OFF command being send and the lamp does not react at all
If I work the switch manually it works fine.

So I tried

Same effect, the item is nicely updated but the lamp does not react, no MQTT command is sent

Obviously I am making a thinking mistake here. What am I doing wrong?

Wait a minute, maybe I need to add "sendCommand"
lemme try that

Yep that seemed to be it. :slight_smile: Sorry for bothering