Rule light Sunrise

I need help with rule for pond lighting. I want morning set light to ON when sunrise is later than 05:30. It means in the summer the light does not turn on when sunrise is 5:25.
My idea:
if Sunrise:start > 05:00 then the light set to ON and when sunrise:end the light set to OFF
if Sunrise:start < 05:00 then the light does not turn on

I think you can do this in one rule, but it would be easier to see it in action with two rules.

rule "Sun rising"
	Channel 'astro:sun:home:rise#event' triggered END
	logInfo("/var/log/openhab2/openhab.log", "Astro Sun is rising")
rule "Sun rising"
    Item sunrise changed from OFF to ON
    val Number hour_day = now.getHourOfDay
    val Number min_hour = now.getMinuteOfHour
    if ((hour_day => 5 && min_hour == 00) && (hour_day <= 5 && min_hour <= 25) ) {
	//if ( Season_Name.state == "Spring" || Season_Name.state == "Autumn" ) {  <-- something to think about adding astro seasons for additional conditions.
    logInfo("/var/log/openhab2/openhab.log", "Toggle pond light")

I’m still a novice with rules, so there may be a better way to go about this; using a virtual switch to flip on/off based on the astro channel triggers will be how you don’t need to be concerned with sunrise being before 5. Not sure how you want to turn off the pond light, I would suggest the expire binding if you just want it on for a short amount of time.

Thank you. I’ll do it using the virtual switch.

You can also use configure your astro things with modifiers like earliest
Earliest/Latest: For each trigger channel and start, end datetime value, you can optionally configure the earliest and latest time of the day.
This way, you likely can avoid using a rule at all

I’ll throw this approach into the ring — in the “close-enough-for-jazz” category…IMHO unless you are doing TRULY time-critical (as opposed to software-engineer-anal-retentive-critical) controls (FAIR WARNING – I ran product dev teams for Automated Systems Operations for Legent/CA for many years----I might be wrong but I’m not “talking thru my hat”) — the world-as-we-know-it will NOT END if your are off by a few minutes. (PLUS – I’m an old Midwestern US “farm-boy” — sometimes “baling wire” IS your most useful pragmatic tool. )