Rule names duplication

Hello! I found one very strange thing. In case if I have same rule names but in different .rules files then only one rule will be triggered. So, for example, I have in first file rule “Init” which triggers on system start. And in the second file also rule with the same name which also triggers on system start… then only first will be triggered.
Why do I see such things? Because everything works if rules has different names.

Check out this thread Duplicate rule names (sent on the go so excuse the shortness)

This is because rule names have to be unique not only in one but in all files (same for items, things, sitemaps…
The only names which can be used multiple times are var and val defined in a rule (not outside a rule).

huh… so letys say that by design it will be better to write something like “ruleFile_Init” or " ruleFile_changeTemperature". Right?

Sorry… about Items names. Should they also need to be unique?

Definitely yes! Item names have to be unique.

Unique for a scope of the one file/group? Or globally unique?


Every name has to be unique globally, except vars and vals defined within a rule. See #3