Rule not firing - sun setting

Our experience on this forum is that isn’t the case. Far too few new users recognize this. All they see is the cool GUI based editor and dive right in.

The number of users of the various Rules Engines is not driving the number of man hours spent developing either one. For the most part there is almost no development going on with the Rules DSL whereas the ERE is constantly receiving PRs.

Most users are not.

Since you have a lot of good experience with the ERE you would be a good candidate to write up some user’s docs.

Ok, I misjudged the users and can now understand your points. :slight_smile:

That’s maybe true and I already thought myself about contributing to the community. But I’m unsure about my true capabilities about OpenHAB and available time is quite rare. As already mentioned I don’t even run an up to date system. :smile:

Just give it a try, advancing OH only works that way.

Just remember that any contribution you decide to make does not have to emerge from your head like Athena, fully formed and armored. A lot of the official docs started with a forum posting that was updated over weeks or longer until it became complete enough to move to the actual docs.

Sometimes all it takes to get a little collaboration is to post something and invite comment. :slight_smile:

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