Rule not triggered

Hy community,

I got a problem with a rule. Everything worked smooth the last few weeks but since today one rule will not trigger.

rule "Heizung ON"
	Time cron "0 0/5 * * * ?" or
	Item OG_Heizung_MIN changed or
	Item OG_Heizung_Boost_Bad changed or
	Item OG_Heizung_Boost_All changed or
	Item OG_Heizung_TimeStartMessage changed or
	Item OG_Heizung_TimeEndMessage changed or
	Item OG_Heizung_Sommer changed or
	Item OG_Heizung_Urlaub changed or
	Item OG_Heizung_FORCE_ON changed or
	Item OG_Heizung_FORCE_OFF changed

This is the when head of my rule. I changed nothing and it’s not working anymore.

Maybe some could help me.


first of all, we need to clarify that something has changed; the rule is no longer executed, or the result is not the same.

Are you sure that the rule is not being triggered, but the execution is failing? (Maybe post that, anyway?)

Any errors in the logfiles?



Thanks pelnet,

your answer was correct. The rule was executed but it stopt in the middle because i accidental deleted something.

		if ( TEMP1 < MINTEMP || 
		 TEMP2 < MINTEMP || 
		 TEMP3 < MINTEMP ) {
				 = 1

This was my mistake but it’s interesting that in the log was no information that something is wrong with the rule. The openhab.log and the event.log gave me no information.


glad you got it sorted out! Rule errors are not logged in a very intuitive manner often. In my experience the STDOUT from OpenHAB will let you if something went wrong, but not always what.

As many people have recommended; keep your configuration in version control such as Git. Having a diff of before and after reduces bug hunting to seconds, generally.