RULE problem - 'state' is not a member of 'null'


i got this error message with my *.rule file.

[ERROR] [untime.internal.engine.RuleEngineImpl] - Rule 'Alles AUS / Reset button': 'state' is not a member of 'null';
rule "Alles AUS / Reset button"
		Item all received update
		if (all.state == ON){
			createTimer(now.plusMillis(2), [ | 
			all.postUpdate(OFF) ] )
		if (all.state == OFF){

please show item file for item ‘all’ or is it defined in Paper UI?

here is my *.item

Switch all "Alles Ausschalten" 

edit: it was a cache problem. After i change the name all to alles everything works fine

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I think all is a DSL keyword, like say as

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What is the purpose of this rule? If all updates to ON it will turn off a light, but after 2 milliseconds it’ll turn it on (all updates to OFF).

it was a try to change only the switch position without changing the state, but it didn’t work.
it solve it in a different way