Rule problem: The name 'C3' cannot be resolved to an item or type


I’ve got an interesting Rules error.

I’ve got two nexa switches, C1 & C3 (yes there is a C2 as well) and a remote that came with the pack.

I have rules set up so that when I press 1 - OFF on the remote the C3 Switch is turned OFF.

The rule is:

rule "Received Remote Switch 1 OFF" 
    Item Remote1.1 received update OFF 
    logInfo("Remote 1.1", "OFF") 
    sendCommand(C3, OFF) 

This works fine.

But when I set up the rule to turn C1 & C3 off it fails:

rule "Remote 1.0 Update" 
    Item Remote1_0 received update 
    logInfo("Remote 1", "All Off")
    sendCommand(C3, OFF) 
    sendCommand(C1, OFF) 

The error log says:
Rule ‘Remote 1.0 Update’: An error occured during the script execution: The name ‘C3’ cannot be resolved to an item or type.

Any ideas?

I’ve got Openhab2 snapshot installed from the other day.