Rule provisioned from file does not update in OH3 UI after modifying file

When migration completed, all of the 2.5 rule files correctly populated into the new UI.

After identifying rules with log errors and making edits to the rules files, the errors persisted. Checking the UI, the file update does not appear. Clearing the cache and restarting did not resolve the issue.

Is it possible to refresh the UI for file edits? The UI shows the files as locked “because it has been provisioned from a file,” and I did not identify documentation to unlock or refresh.

To me this sounds like you have .rules files located in /etc/openhab/rules. These files cannot be edited via the UI.


The rules originally created in the /etc/openhab2/rules were copied (not moved) during migration to the /etc/openhab/rules folder. I was editing rules in the wrong location.

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