?: Rule requires refresh

After updating or creating a rule is it required to stop the openhab2 service and restart? I have noticed that if I do not refresh the service that the rule does not seem to fire consistently. If this is expected behavior I am ok with that, I just could not find documentation on it.

When changing a rule I don’t have to restart the openhab2 service. (I just tried changing the text in a TTS rule an it worked)

It is not required to restart. Inconsistant behavior from the rules is not expected behavior. Care to elaborate with example code and a detailed description of what you are seeing?

I had two rules running differnt lights about 15 minutes apart. The first night the dining room lights did not turn off, so I edited the rule. The second night the front outdoor lights did not turn off. I again updated the rule. This rotated back and forth for 4 more days. I added both of the lights to one rule and the rule failed. I then stopped the service, started the service and viola everything has worked consistent since. I would attach logs, but there was nothing in the logs. It was as if the rule did not exist.

That sounds like one of the following:

  • There was an error in the rule that was preventing the entire rules file from being loaded. Open the files in Designer and see if there are syntax errors.

  • Add logging at the beginning and end of every rule and see if you can tell if the rules are simply not executing or failing before doing something. There could be a problem where your rule is prematurely exiting. Are you using return or break at all?