Rule with a state value [%0.f W] and reading the number eg > 10

Running in to some problems with a rule.

I have a scripts that turns on a fan if the drawn power is higher than the standby power.
This item I formatted: Number:Energy Xbox_Watt “Xbox Watt [%.0f W]”
Thus, the reading is eg “10 W”

My rule is:
if ((Xbox_Watt.state > 30) || (Denon_Watt.state > 10))

But, this doesnt work because it reads 10 W

How to fix this?

Your rule is comparing a State with an integer, which will not work. You need to compare QuantityType to QuanityType or integer to integer. Use something like…

if (Xbox_Watt.getStateAs(QuantityType) > 30|W || Denon_Watt.getStateAs(QuantityType) > 10|W) {

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This solution works.

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Why the |W after the number?
Do I need this as a |kWh if I use [%.3f kWh] and as a |% if it is with [%.%%]?

Fundamentals - openHAB can deal with Quantity Types, which are a number with units. Two parts to the value.
500 is just a number
500 cm is a meaningful measure of length.
0.5 m is exactly the same measure of length, just presented in a different way.

You can’t compare just-a-number with a length. Is 500 m less then 10?
Who knows, ten what? Miles, inches?
But you can (and the rule can) compare 500 m with 10 km

Don’t know quite what that %%% means, but let’s give examples

[%.3f kWh]
That’s you choosing how you want this value to be displayed.

Number:Energy yourItem ...
This is the part that makes it a Quantity
Number someItem ...
This is just a number Item

The | bar thing is only about how to write a Quantity in a rule. It’s just a magic character so that the rules interpreter knows when it sees 30 | W that you mean 30W, and not 30 with variable W

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