Rule with createTimer throws error in OpenHAB Designer

I have the following rule with an createTimer function in use. The problem is that the openHAB Designer throws an error and does not recognize “now” and “createTimer” as correct code.

Why is that?

Have you tried importing org.joda.time.DateTime rather than the wildcard option?

I have tried that. It’s kind of weird, when i save the rule the Designer does show an error. When i close and reopen the Designer no error is shown. When i do any change in the rule (e.g. input a space) the error is shown again.

Could this be a general bug of the Designer?

There is currently a known problem with ‘now’ in Designer

This particular “error” where the problem lines of code are not underlined when the file is first loaded and then show up again when you edit the file is normal behavior.