Rule with item that starts with a number not running

Hi All, I really don’t know much about rules etc so might be a dumb thing.

I have the rule below and watching the logs, it seems to hang up and can’t send the command to item 123KitchenNextSource_LightChannel

rule "Kitchen Source Next Previous"
    Item KitchenSource received command
switch (receivedCommand){
    case ON: {
     case OFF: {

It appears that it doesn’t recognise that the items start with a number according to the logs.

Rule 'Kitchen Source Next Previous': The name 'KitchenNextSource_LightChannel' cannot be resolved to an item or type;

When I run the switch by itself, the log shows it works fine

 123KitchenNextSource_LightChannel changed from OFF to ON

Any suggestions short of renaming all the items?
Thanks Josh

I don’t recommend that you start your item names with numbers.
In your log it looks like the rule interpreter skips the number at the front of the name.

I am afraid but you may have to change your naming convention.

That’s what it looks like to me, that it is skipping the numbers.

I can change them but it’s a lot of work as there are about 100 items that automatically get the name like that through paperUI.

Wasn’t sure if there was something I could put in to get it to recognise the numbers at the start…

Just trying to avoid extra work really.

Thanks Josh

This has cropped up before

If leading-number names are being auto generated but subsequently not useable in rules, that looks like a bug to me. Are the numbers here some peculiarity of the binding in use?

It’s part of the Cbus binding. The numbers aren’t essential but everything is addressed by a number and also name. It’ll just mean manually swapping the number around to the back or something.

I couldn’t find anything before hand in the search so thought there may have been an easier way around it.

Thanks Josh


Please raise an issue on Github


It’s not easy to find, suggesting it is uncommon i.e. not many folk get auto generated names that fail. Which is why I wondered if the binding was behind that.

It’s not made clear in the docs either so I have proposed an update

I have made a pull request for the docs regarding this as well

Thanks… unfortunately I have no idea how to do that…

I finally managed to create a new topic on this after a bunch of server errors: Please see my new thread rather than adding to this old one!