Rules are triggered more then once

I observed rules to be triggered more then once. That was starting “suddenly”, after a couple of days the rule was triggered once as scheduled by a CRO statement, then it started to be triggeed twice.
I did an apt-get update using the online nigthly version build #617.
Now it started to trigger the rule even more often!

I do see the following Log entry more then once:

22:44:47.472 [DEBUG] [e.internal.engine.RuleTriggerManager] - Scheduled rule 'Benzinpreise' with cron expression '50 7,17,27,37,47,57 * * * ?'
Would that be reason for the double trigger of the rule?

Is it possible to “manually” remove those triggers?

It looks like only CRON triggered rules are effected by this!

[Edit2:] Created an issue here

I am experiencing the same thing. For me, it works to edit the rules file (put in and remove a space or something like that), so I get "Refreshing model ‘xxx.rules’ in the Log. After that the Cron-triggered rule is only triggered once instead of four times.

After restarting OpenHAB the error is back.

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I found the same “workaround” and posted that in the issue also.

The rules are not only triggered twice when used unchanged since system started, a change of the setup like adding a binding, which is forcing the shutdown of UIs and so forth results in the multiple triggers.

@opus mentions his rules are triggered twice. Mine are triggered once. Could you try to analyze what makes the difference and post a reproducible setup on the issue?

In my case the problem was solved by removing the ( now unnecessary?) escape character"" from an URLstring.

In my case the “” was the problem too. But how could I replace “\n” which is in one of my Pushover string now?

In my case the escape character wasn’t needed anymore, I can’t say anything for the pushover strings. Sorry.

That wasn’t the problem. Problem is back. Cron triggered rules are running three times for me.