Rules does not trigger - KNX

I had to reinstall the computer that Openhab was running on and installed 2.5.0 after the reinstall. First I copied my current config but that dint work. So I started again with everything empty and the plan was to add one thing at a time to see where things went wrong. But I noticed that my rules aren´t triggering. So I just added a single switch and a very simple rule, but that isn’t working either, what am I missing??

This is the entire config:

I can see that Openhab get the telegram:

You appear to be using the syntax for KNX version 1 bnding in your Item definition, and a Thing definition for the KNX version 2 binding. Please only install one of these bindings, then configure appropriately.

I have only got the KNX2 binding installed, so I should start with defining the items properly I guess. Does that mean I have to add devices in Things? I tried adding the switch in .things as well as in the Full example on the bindings page in the documentation but that didn´t help either.

I don’t understand what you are saying.

You’ve already created your Item, it just has incorrect link to binding, the bit in curly brackets { }.
You just need to specify a channel= in there instead.
There are examples of exactly this in the binding doc.

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Yepp, i tried it using channels instead and that works, thanks for pointing me in the right direction!! So now I´ll just have to re-write all the old stuff I got, it´s nice to have something to do :slight_smile: