Rules engine Paper UI unreliable

Since I have I am using the “Slimme meter binding” (DSMR) I notice that the rules that I have programmed via the Paper UI aren’t reliable anymore. Sometimes they aren’t executed or vice versa that they are still executed while I disabled them. My first thought is that the DSMR binding is polling to the meter every minute and that the rules (which are time based) are being distrubed by this. Thus this make any sense? How can it be solved?

I am runing openhab 2.5.12 on a Rasberry Pi 3 B+

The rules engine in PaperUI was never more than experimental to begin with. I think that the surprise here is not that the rules have become unreliable, but that they ever were reliable in the first place. In OH2 the only mechanisms for truly reliable graphical rules would probably be using the NodeRed integration (and that’s a slight different graphical interface as that’s a block and connection style interface not a form style interface).

In OH3’s new MainUI, however the graphical rule interface is fully mature, stable, and available right away by default as the MainUI is the primary interface for OH3. So it might be worth considering taking the plunge and updating if a reliable graphical rules interface is important to you.