Rules in Paper UI (the Experimental Rules)

I am trying to use a rule (in openhab 2 Paper UI)… When… it is a fixed time of a day… but it is not triggering the role.
NTP binding is already installed, should I install or setup something else?

Openhab 2.0 (openhabian version)
Installed Add-ons : NTP, Rule Engine (Experimental)

Hi Hakam,

i have the same Problem. Have you got any Solutions so far?

The cron-Triggers in the Basic-UI also does’nt work in my Openhab 2 on raspberry pi.

Hi mafideg,

I found (using Karaf) that the configurations of Experimental Rules were doubled!!! This was also the case for MQTT binding. I do why!? Therefore
1- I uninstalled it (Experimental Rules and MQTT binding)
2- Open Karaf "ssh -p 8101 openhab@localhost"
3- Get list of installed bindings using "config:property-list"
4- You can clean/delete the wanted bindings (ex. config:delete org.openhab.mqtt)
5- Restart OH2
6- Then over Paper UI re-install The Experimental Rules

At least in my case, the above steps solved my problem