Rules may lead OpenHab stop working at all

Hi There,

I posted this a few weeks ago:!topic/openhab/jrA7yj6JjGQ

Because this problem is so unspecific I startet to rebuild the whole system, overthink my structures etc…

But now I’m running into the same Problem: I start / restart openhab, it tell’s me that everything is alright and there is absolutely NOTHING on the event bus. I really despair at this situation.

Is there anyone out there who could help me? My problem is, that I can’t run OpenHab 24/7 in Debug Mode because I only got a SD Card which will overflow. My only indication is, that there could be a rule which throws an exception.


First you need to get off the SD card. It WILL fail under write load. I see from your Google group ref you are now on a Pi 2.

Read this thread:

And follow the link to the excellent MakeUseOf article here:

I’ve read this a few times this week - but I made better experiences. Running openhab for two years on the same SD with a lot of persistence data written to it without a fail.
But SD Cards shouldn’t be part of this discussion.

And as your beginner tutorials suggest: No, am not new to OpenHab. I ran into this problem for a lot of month but wasn’t able to figure out, why and when it occurs.

The only thing I could say:

  • Starting OpenHab with some rules (one of them could fail) leads to the explained behavior
  • Removing the rules and restarting OpenHab and OpenHab will start as expected.

So there must be an connection between the rules and my problem.

hmm … is this problem somehow related to:

Would be great if you could join forces :smile:

I created an issue at github a few weeks ago:

There you could also find a link to a video which shows the problem and a github repository with my config.