Rules - moving from OpenHAB 1.x


I’m trying to move from OH 1.x to OH 2.x and now I have issue with rules. When I moved them to conf/rules directory they just don’t work. One of rules which I use is from OH 1.x samples for irrigation:

Does anyone have any suggestions what needs to be changed to make rules working correctly under OH 2.x?


EDIT: It looks like more basic than irrigation rules are working so is there anything incompatible in irrigation rule from samples that it is not working under OH 2.x?

I general, rules should work just as before - the main change is that you do not need the standard import statements at the top anymore (but they are still allowed).
So I am afraid you will have to find out what part of the rule causes problems. Did you use the Eclipse SmartHome Designer to check if there are any obvious syntax problems highlighted?

By saying Designer you mean Designer from page or new designer for OH 2.x? Only place where I’ve found mentioning about Eclipse SmartHome designer is on github:

so does this mean that I should build it first?

EDIT: Ok I’ve found it here:

This URL works better fo downloading the Designer: