Rules on PaperUI only items not working

I’m running Openhabian and have updated to openHAB 2.2.0 Release Build last week.
Because there were a lot more version 2 bindings available I decided to move from item files to having all items generated by PaperUI.
Now I run into a problem that despite I have rebuilt all of my .rules files reflecting the new item names, most rules are not working. It seems only the rules which refer to items defined in .items files are working and not the ones that gave been generated from PaperUI.
The new experimental rule engine does work, but does not have the option to use the Telegram action.

Does anyone run into the same issue, or can someone explain if this is expected behaviour or a bug?
A really simple rule which don’t work for example:

rule "Test"
        Item SchakelaarWKRechts_Command received update
        logInfo("Rules", "WKRechtsTriggered: "+SchakelaarWKRechts_Command.state)


Update: It seems the rule is actually working, however it takes between 5 and 10 minutes to execute, which is not good.