Rules, received update not functioning anymore

After I’ve update OH2 yesterday the rules with “received update” are not functioning anymore.
Does anyone has the same problem ? and a solution ?

Hi Kenneth

I had a similar experience when I upgraded. I ‘solved’ it by changing some values to received command. I’m no expert, but I’m guessing that I had some switches with received update while this can only be used for strings/numbers in OH2.

Thanks Maurits for your quick answer.
My switches are strings or numbers so this should be OK.
They are updated almost every minute, because I’ve connected a PLC over a TCP connection and this PLC is sending status data over this connection. In the rules I check the incoming data of the PLC and set variables with postupdate.
Updates are received by OH because I’ve see them in the Karaf console.
And as I mentioned it was working fine before the update.

Ok, and are you sure they are not executed? Or they don’t do the ‘check’ in the rule? Maybe you can add some:

logInfo("RULE","step X has been executed")

to see if the rules maybe executes, but not do the desired further steps…
Other than that I do not have any other ideas…

I solved my problem.
In my Items file there was a parentheses missing and messed up everything.
Probably I’ve deleted that one unnoticed.

Good to hear you found it!