Rules stoped working

In the latest Build of openHAB on Raspberry PI 3 Rule Engine stops working after some time (couple of minutes) and no Rules executes.

How do I debug this?


  1. look in openhab.log for errors
  2. run top to see if the openHAB process is consuming a lot of RAM or CPU which could indicate it is running out of resources
  3. look in events.log, are you still receiving events?
  4. do sitemaps still come up? PaperUI?
  5. Add logging statements to rules and try to see if there is a pattern to when the rules stop running (e.g. it always stops after a specific rule runs)

Do you have long sleeps or ReentrantLocks in your rules?

Nothing in openhab.log that gives me a clue
Process lock normal
Receiving Events
Tried different rules and can not find any special rules where it happens.

Is it possible to enable debug on Rule Engine?


I’m sure it is but I’m not sure what good it will do. If there are errors those would already be logged. If your rules are not executing then the rules engine itself is probably not doing much either.

I’m not on the latest build so can’t confirm the behavior on my setup. Hopefully, someone else on the latest can chime in.

Is it better to go back to 2.1 stable?


I’m on the snapshot, just not the latest. I wanted some of the fixes to Astro but I don’t want to upgrade past the switch to log4j2 until I have a chance to look at and implement a better upgrade approach for Docker. In short, going back may fix this problem if it is a bug in the runtime. But if it is a bug in the runtime I would expect it to be fixed in a matter of days.