Rules triggered by system level not working

I have two rules, which are triggered when System level 100 is reached.
This rules were working fine for a long time.

By coincidence I found out, that they are not working any more.
So I rebooted a few times closely monitoring the log, and the rules are not triggered any more.
When I change trigger event to startup level 40, they are triggered, but this seems to be to early for my rules.

I am on OH3 3.4 M3, I have no proof but I think the rules are not working since I updated from OH3 3.3
Anyone else having this problem, any way to debug this problem?

Regards, Markus

Are you sure you are at start level 100?

Thanks for asking this question.

I just tried it once again with a simple rule only containing loginfo.
Last startup level I reach is 70, 80 is not reached.

So I had a closer look at Things in the UI, and I found one thing which I added a few weeks ago using the UI, but I removed the add on in the mean time, because I did not need it anymore.

Now I am reaching level 80 and also 100.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction

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