Rules triggering when items file changes


I have a very generic quesiton.

Since a couple of days - whenever I change the items file - a lot of rules are firing.

For instance a have a rule with this trigger:

rule 'klingel'
    Item Sammelklingel_Mobotix received update ON

and the corresponding item(KNX) looks like this:

Switch        Sammelklingel_Mobotix      "Sammelklingel Ausgang Mobotix"      { knx="<0/4/3" }

This fires when the items files gets saved.

Can somebody give me a hint ?


Solved myself:

If an KNX item has an ‘<’ in front of it openhab2 will always try to read a value from this item when the system restarts or the item files changes. This is ok for many situations where you have values to read from(e.g. position of rollershutter or wind force from the weather station.

In my case I was reading from binary input channel which usally transmits a signal once.
For some reason - whenever I tried to read from this binary input channel the group item was fired.

I was able to reproduce the same behaviour by using the ETS diagnostic tool to read from this group item.

When I removed the 2 READ flags from the KNX binary inputs(see picture) the problem was gone.

After that I needed to also remove the ‘<’ sign from the OH2 KNX item.

Hope this will help somebody else…

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